Our Time Lapse Showreel
Long-Term Time Lapse
Self Sufficient

Capture weeks, months or years of construction, development or growth, and condense it into minutes and seconds.

Fully Automated

Fully autonomous and remotely controlled, connected to the Telstra 3G/4G network. Inbuilt solar panel for infinite battery life and zero maintenance.

Easy Access to your Images

View and share the latest photo online at any time, via desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Real Time Playback

Automatic online time lapse video creation.

More than just timelapse

With the backing of leading content producer Frankie Films, you have the ability to add drone, location shooting and more!

Worksite Security

Increase work site security and monitoring.

Before And After
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Why Choose Us?
Cost Effective

Reduced cost of operation compared to traditional time lapse setups, which we can pass on to you.

Easier and Faster

Minimal installation - device weighs less than 2kg, which allows it to be installed/removed quicker and easier.

Wide Field of View

Super wide 220° field of view / dual lens panorama that can capture enormous work sites and landscapes in their entirety. Each lens is 16 megapixels, resulting in combined 32 megapixel images.

Our Offering
Base Package

1x time lapse camera

Ongoing camera monitoring and data management

Location scouting and evaluation

24x7 online photo and video feed

Full resolution photos and video compile upon project completion

Optional Extras

Complete Edit

Full video edit


Motion graphics intro/outro

Colour grade and deflickering

4K delivery

Monthly Edit

Updated edit on current progress



Colour grade and deflickering


Extra Camera

Everything included in Base Price

Additional angle

Extra footage to be used in video edits



Location Shoot

Live video footage

Short-term time lapse

Full day shoot or 2 half days

2x camera crew

4K cinema cameras

We also offer in-house drone filming and short-term time lapse. Chat to us for a quote!